Gianandrea Noseda back to New York for the Mostly Mozart Festival

«(…) the formidable Gianandrea Noseda was at the podium at David Geffen Hall, leading distinguished performances of Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto and Schubert’s “Great” Symphony. Mr. Noseda, fresh off his triumphant second season as music director of the National Symphony Orchestra (…). The “Great” nickname has stuck to Schubert’s Ninth (and last) Symphony. But Mr. Noseda led such a lean, clear-textured and impetuously spirited account that the symphony seemed more like Schubert’s most adventurous piece. Even the slow movement, which unfolded with elegance and grace, had a touch of mystery, as Mr. Noseda drew out inner voices and emphasized the sudden shifts of mood.»
The New York Times, Anthony Tommasini